9. Juli 2011

Bob Azzam: Ya Mustapha, ya Mustapha!

In Europe, the song became popular with the help of Bob Azzam who published it in 1960 in France with lyrics consisting of at least three languages: 

Chérie, je t'aime, Chérie, je t'adore,
Como la salsa del pommodore.
Ya Mustapha, ya Mustapha

Ya baheback, ya Mustapha.
Sabaa senine fel Attarine,
Delwati guina Chez Maxim's . . .

Bob Azzam (given name Wadih George Azzam) was a Lebanese singer, son of Jewish parents. The polyglot nature of the song is entirely characteristic of Arab Jewish culture. He was born in Cairo or Alexandria on October 24, 1925, and he died in Monaco on July 24, 2004.