2. Juli 2012

Judaica Sound Archives. Living in America

Now you can celebrate the 4th of July and your Jewish heritage at the same time.

Living in America is about the American Jewish experience.

You will hear Yiddish songs recorded in the early 20th century expressing a Jewish immigrant perspective on New York, Coney Island and other things distinctly “American .”
You will also hear American patriotic songs sung by Jewish performers and, from FAU Recorded Sound Archives’ Vintage 78s Collection, a very young Frank Sinatra singing “America the Beautiful.”

Special highlights include:
  • The voices of Molly Picon, Seymour Rexite, Aaron Lebedeff, Cantor Liebele Waldman, and many others.
  • Al Jolson singing the WWI song “Tell That to the Marines”.
  • Irving Berlin’s contribution to American Ragtime, “Ragtime Fiddle” sung in Yiddish.
  • Read the JSA Blog for more information about the songs in this compilation.