25. Dezember 2016

TU-154-Absturz über dem Schwarzen Meer

Nach dem Flugzeugabsturz über dem Schwarzen Meer hat das italienische Staatsfernsehen 
eine Archivsendung eines Auftritts des Alexandrow-Ensembles ausgestrahlt,
dessen Musiker bei der Katastrophe umgekommen sind. 
In der Sendung des TV-Senders RaiNews24 sang das Kollektiv die russische Nationalhymne.

Der Kreml spielt die Möglichkeit eines Terrorangriffs auf das Flugzeug herunter.
Warum wurde die TU-154 nicht in Mozdok Air Base aufgetankt? Schlechtes Wetter?
Die Black Box der TU-154 wurde gefunden.

92 dead as Russian plane carrying military band crashes en route to Syria

Officials are not considering a terrorist act to have been the prime cause of the incident, a security source told Interfax. It added that the crashed plane was initially supposed to refuel in the city of Mozdok, North Ossetia, but due to bad weather redirected to the airport at the Black Sea coast resort of Adler.

Vladimir Putin instructed Prime Minister to set up a state commission over the Tu-154 crash in Sochi

Flugexperte: "Tupolews stürzen nicht von selbst ab"


Kremlin plays down terror attack possibility in jet crash
Breitbart News, December 26, 2016

Officials sought to squelch speculation that the crash might have been caused by a bomb planted on board or a portable air defense missile.

But some aviation experts pointed that the crew’s failure to communicate any technical problem and a large area over which fragments of the plane were scattered point at a possible explosion on board.

Evidence of a bombing of a Syria-bound military flight would badly embarrass the Kremlin, highlighting Russia’s extreme vulnerability to attacks even as it boasts its success in Syria after Aleppo fell into President Bashar Assad’s hands.

Updated. Muslim Shishani Accused of Links to 2003 North Ossetia Terror Attacks
By Joanna Paraszczuk, From Tchetchenia to Syria, August 3, 2014

Search Teams Recover Russian Plane's Black Box
RFE/RL, December 27, 2016