7. Dezember 2012

Islam Misunderstood. Bassam Tibi and Clifford May

An answer to Islamology 101 and to a hallucinating Emeritus from Germany

A 1001 Document
  • There is no such science as Islamology. This is a phantastic creation by Bassam Tibi, coffee cup reading.
  • There is no such ideology called Islamism but Islam is Islam, as Muslims are incessantly telling those who do not listen.
  • No Islamism has unfolded from Islam, it does not differ from Islam, only there are different ways and means to reach the goals of Islam: worldwide Islamisation.
  • Bassam Tibi is not at all an analyst but a Muslim magnifying Islam. Worldwide developments, p.e. the so-called Arab Spring, the situation in Syria, in Europe are disproving his myths.
  • An "Arab-Muslim pro-democracy theorist and practitioner" is a contradictio in adiecto, as Muslims are disregarding democracy. This is what Muslims are telling us frequently.
  • Muslims are living and operating without caring for democracy - and are proud of it.
  • Islam is a totalitarian ideology. And just as there cannot be "democratic totalitarianism," so there cannot be democratic Islam.
  • Fighting Islam is tantamount to having grasped finally that all of Islam is leading to Muslims becoming violent enemies if their leaders will require it from them.
  • As for the Obama administration's insistence that "the enemy is specifically, and only, al-Qaeda," that, Bassam Tibi writes, "is far too reductive." Right!
  • Noah Feldman, the Harvard Law School Professor, who advised the Bush administration, and who insisted that sharia, Islamic law, can be viewed as "Islamic constitutionalism" is correct.
  • Watch the significance of the claim of Islam to supremacy (siyadat al-Islam), the conviction that Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists are inferior and that their inferiority should be reflected under the law and by government institutions.
  • There is an important distinction: All jihadists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are jihadists.
  • In other words, not all Muslims are committed to violence, including terrorism, as the preferred means to achieve their goals.
  • Can we trust Muslims who forgo violence to participate in good faith within a pluralistic, democratic system? My answer: We cannot, never.
  • Chief among Muslim goals is al-hall al Islami, the Islamic solution, "a kind of magic answer for all of the problems - global and local, socio-economic or value-related - in the crisis-ridden world of Islam."
  • Muslims know the fact that such radical governance has been implemented, for example, in Iran for over more than 30 years, in Afghanistan under the Taliban, in Gaza under Hamas, and in Sudan. Muslims agree to it.
  • Islam never has delivered development, freedom, human rights, or democracy.
  • Turkey is not yet a sharia based state but heading in that direction.
  • Saudi religious/political doctrines are a "variety of Salafism, i.e.orthodox, traditional Islam".
  • Salafism is a variant of Islam, albeit one based not on the writings of Hassan al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, but on Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab (1703 - 1792), glorifying the days of the seventh century and the Sahaba.
  • During the Cold War there was a field of study named Sovietology, a nonscientific metaphor leading to mere ideology. It was taught in most US elite universities with strong government support.
  • May Islamology not become a discipline like Sovietology.
  • To protect themselves against criticism, Muslim officials have invented the formula of Islamophobia to defame their critics.
  • And of course if such slander fails to intimidate, there are other ways to shut people up: Attempts by jihadists on critics' lives.
  • The main reason for not rejecting Islam as a totaltarian ideology: The U.S. government cannot back the study and the critic of an ideology that has infiltrated parts of it already through its representatives, Muslim Sisters like Dalia Mogahed and Huma Abedin, to name only two.
  • "Those who do fund anything to do with Islam on campus - for example, the Gulf petro-princes who have given tens of millions of dollars to Georgetown and Harvard - have a different agenda, one that does not include free and serious inquiry."
  • This the US government is knowing very well and endorsing what their enemies are doing - at great peril.